1. Business

To inform prospective clients and consumers about your business and entice them to work with you

explanation of services
company bio (typically the About page)
company basics (address, phone number, email, etc.)
mission statement
address pain points and present a value statement
call-to-action for working together

The fact of the matter is that every 21st-century business should have a website. It’s becoming a popular practice that the first step a person takes to learn about a business is checking out their website. For businesses offering new or unique services, a business website provides the opportunity to explain what they do; for traditional businesses, it’s a chance to ease people’s apprehension and verify that the company is legitimate.

A good business website presents all the essential information about a company, not only the fundamentals like an address or contact information, but also extra information like short staff bios or a mission statement. The idea is to get people familiar with your company and, in that process, enthusiastic about working with you.

In particular, business websites usually prioritize a call-to-action (CTA), such as a direct message widget, where the visitors can schedule a meeting or phone call, or at least get their questions answered by an actual human instead of a bot.. CTAs for direct messaging work well on business sites because they speed up the process of turning window shoppers into clients/customers, plus they elicit visitor actions when their enthusiasm is highest.

Business websites should always follow the style of the company’s branding; if you’re a tech company for young people, the style might use futuristic visuals and informal language, whereas if you’re a law firm for established clients, you might want traditional visuals and professional language.

The important thing is that you answer any questions your visitors might have. For one thing, having a street address and contact information verifies that your company actually exists—in other words, you’re not a scam.

But your potential clients and customers will have additional questions, such as where you stand on certain issues like using sustainable materials or where your products are manufactured. Your business website is your opportunity to address these issues on your home turf, rather than letting people draw their own conclusions.

What are the min requirement

Domain Protection

Content for other pages
with images

Business Email by Google (Optional)

Google Analytics
Google Business

*As per google new rule applicable from 1st July 2018
all websites without SSL will not be ranked in the google search engine.

Web & server Maintaince Services

Website Server Maintenance
5000 INR/Mo.

You will be receiving monthly reports on Web Analytics, Backups, Security, Performance, Uptime, and other important information about your website.
Secondly, we will be developing your website on the WordPress Platform which gets frequent updates related to bugs and virus

Content to be provided by Client: (Text Content, Images, and other details)
Approx Completion Time: 10-15 Business Days

If you are interested then Kindly Transfer 100% in order to start the project.

Your Domain Name, SSL Certificate, and Website Hosting will be booked within 48 Hours of the Money Transfer.

Important: Domain Name, Gmail, SSL Certificate, and Website Hosting require renewal each year
if you fail to renew them will result in deleting your website which will be impossible to recover.
So pay in advance for each upcoming year.

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